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Momento Hospitality has taken first steps to a brand-new pub for the burgeoning Camden region, submitting plans for the impressive Oran Park Hotel.

Around sixty kilometres south-west of the Sydney CBD, Oran Park was long known only for its racetrack, with the only residents being grazing cattle. In 2006 it didn’t appear on the Census, in 2011 is counted just 195 residents.

In the 2016 Census Oran Park had sprung to 4,765 residents, with extensive local works and more people on the way. It is on the northern edge of the greater Camden area, considered one of the fastest-growing in the country.

Marcello Colosimo’s Momento last week submitted a DA to put the official stamp on the emerging suburb, with its own multi-level pub and entertainment facility.

The proposed build is to feature a first-class restaurant and bistro, as well as a wood-fired pizzeria and a cafe at street level, plus function rooms on the first floor and a rooftop cocktail lounge.

There is also set to be two boutique cinemas, each seating 40 people.

In the spirit of other greenfield builds in emerging regions, such as the Maloufs’ Gregory Hills Hotel and Laundy’s Marsden Park Hotel, the Oran Park Hotel is set to be the kind of business investment that will bring employment and commerce to the area, in line with Camden Council’s goals.

“It’s still early days,” says Colosimo.

“They’re opening for business in the area, which is great, and they know the community wants facilities so they don’t have to travel.”

Approvals are expected to take around 12 months, potentially allowing construction to begin mid-2020, which is projected to take another year.

Colosimo believes the rapidly growing precinct is ready for an eponymous landmark.

“Facilities haven’t caught up with the growth of the population,” he says. 

“It will be pretty special once it’s done … an opportunity to provide people with something a little bit different – something that can make them feel proud. ‘This is our pub, this is our area’.”