Continuing its momentous ‘Make History’ movement, Jim Beam has now released its distinctive new bottle and packaging to better emphasize the premium inside the bottle.

The sensation of quality is largely about perception and visual impressions, which is why the world’s largest bourbon brand has reinvigorated its bottles – to align the visuals with its drive to grow and lift and bourbon category.

The new bottles feature a bolder, more rectangular structure, with premium label enhancements including fine detailing, foil finishes, refined embossing and matte paper. The liquids inside will not change.

The new design will appear first with the ubiquitous Jim Beam White label this week. The new Jim Beam Double Oak will begin 12 July, and Jim Beam Black, Honey, Devil’s Cut, Bonded and RTDs to follow in the new formats in August and September.

Speaking to PubTIC, Beam Suntory’s Demetrius Giouzelis says it is a milestone in the movement to expand the world’s largest spirits category Down Under.

“As the number one bourbon in Australia, the redesign of Jim Beam is a significant step for the whole bourbon category,” said Giouzelis.

“Further to this we believe that as market leaders we have the responsibility to educate consumers on the bourbon category and this process begins with the hard working people behind the bar.”

In accordance with its long-term agreement with Beam Suntory, Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA) has exclusive sales and distribution of the Jim Beam range in Australia, and CCA managing director Shane Richardson says the new bottles are “probably the single most significant step in our shared commitment” to the plan to grow the bourbon category.

The change to the Jim Beam bottles and packaging will be supported by an extensive consumer campaign and tailored marketing and activations. Giouzelis recommends taking advantage of this by ensuring the bottles are visible (if not prominent) on the back-bar and being ready to up-sell.

“Consumers already know and love the brand, and with $8m support Jim Beam will be top of mind for bourbon drinkers across Australia.

“We have incredible training resources via The Exchange and The Blend, so please speak to your CCA representative if you want to expand the knowledge and capability of your staff.”


CITRUS HIGHBALL – the new, refreshing side of bourbon

A simple long drink with Jim Beam, soda, lemon juice and a little sugar syrup

“It will reframe how consumers drink bourbon.”

Citrus Highball
Citrus Highball
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