‘Better for you’ drinks producer Gravity continues its mission to change the industry “one full-flavoured bevvy at a time” with the release of HardER soda flavours touting low sugar and high appeal.

The new line of HardER soda feature ABV of 8 per cent, and are launched in two bold flavours packing plenty of fizz “and none of the other crap such as sugar, carbs, and gluten that is rife in the RTD space”, says Gravity.

Launched this month, the new expressions are Citrus Explosion, described as a “burst of citrus flavours – sharp, crisp, clear, refreshing, and flavoursome” and Ginger & Lime, offering “a lively twist of ginger and the crisp zest of lime”.

Both are prime for the lighter option drinker market, containing less than 0.5 grams of sugar and only 105 calories.

Gravity Drinks Co was founded by mates Mick Spencer and Liam Battye, backed by “some of the fittest, healthiest people in Australia”.

Its launch in 2022 offered a ‘better-for-you’ alcoholic seltzer range, with flavours of Melon & Salty Lemon, Blood Orange & Passionfruit, Kiwi & guava, and Ginger & Lime. All the company’s drinks are made from fresh Aussie ingredients.

The Hard Soda options began with Lemoncello, packing an ABV of 5 per cent.

In 2023 it released draught options, and is now proclaiming a goal to disrupt the RTD market, foretelling of several launches coming this year.

“It was important for us to deliver a drink that packs a punch, is full flavour, low sugar and without the price tag,” says Spencer on the new range.

Gravity is also committed to environmental sustainability, planting one tree for every case sold in NSW thanks to its partnership with AirSeed.

Aiming to refresh the way people drink, Gravity’s market appeal is in creating lighter drinks for people looking to reduce or avoid sugar, additives and calories.

“Drinks that are fit for the way we want to live today and for people who gravitate to better – better ingredients, better flavours and better living.”

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