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The Farmer’s Hotel at Vacy is mustering its own Christmas celebrations, marching to the tune of Santas in kilts and seeing how many of the jolly fellas it can pack onto a double-decker bus.

Proprietor Dr Maurice Harden is part of a the catchy-named former Royal Australian Corps of Transport ACT Pipers and Drums bandsman and says they were planning The March of the Scottish Santas – drawing on past experiences playing Christmas music for residents in retirement homes while dressed as Scotsmans from the waist down and Santa from the waist up – when the idea came to them.

The pub is in possession of a “lovely old double-decker bus” so it was postured to try to cram punters in Santa suits on board.

The record for the number of people on a double-decker bus is 133, set in the UK (during a rail strike, presumably).

But no-one quite knows if this record has been set using Santas.

Harden and the Hotel are calling on friends and countrymen to come dressed as Saint Nick, “Friends, Vacewegians, Santas, this could be our finest hour …” although at this stage the Guinness Book of World Records attempt is officially still unofficial.

“We are going to regard it as a ‘practice session’,” Dr Harden told the Hunter Valley News.

“And, if there is enough interest, we will plan for a formal attempt next Christmas.”

Following the March of the Scottish Santas at 4pm and Santas on a Bus attempt at 5pm, the children’s Santa Hour begins at 6pm, giving way to the Adults-only Santa Hour that “only Mrs Clause gets to see” kicking off at 8pm.