In In the Courts by Clyde Mooney

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A “changed man” fronting Wollongong District Court on Friday for a serious assault on a pub security guard became engaged and threw furniture when sentenced to prison.

Jesse John Rose and friend Jaye Pearson were captured on CCTV at a Shellharbour hotel on the evening of 21 May, 2016.

Pearson reportedly began aggravating another patron, appearing to grab the person by the genitals, resulting in management becoming aware of the situation.

Both Pearson and Rose were asked to leave, but both refused. Rose became aggressive toward the guard, spitting in his face and calling him a dog. Fearful of escalation, the heavy-set guard threw a punch at Rose, but his knees gave way and he fell to the floor, unable to get up.

The camera footage shows Rose hurl a schooner glass at the guard, hitting him in the right side of the head, before the two mates attempt to retreat to another part of the venue. They were escorted out shortly after and held while emergency services arrived.

The guard was taken to hospital, suffering a ‘depressed skull’ and requiring stiches for a seven-centimetre gash.

In Court on Friday, Rose pleaded guilty to the charge of reckless wounding, his lawyers arguing against a prison sentence on the basis he was now in a steady relationship and had a regular job, and had not been in trouble with the law since the incident.

Judge Haesler stated the assault was too serious for leniency and sentenced Rose to 14 months’ prison.

“People should be able to go out at night or go to work at a hotel without ending up in an operating theatre,” said Haesler.

Upon hearing the verdict Rose became highly agitated, swearing and kicking the door of the dock, then moving into the courtroom area and squaring up against bailiffs attempting to restrain him. He lifted two chairs above his head and threw them at the officers, before one came up behind him and tackled him to the ground. He was quickly overcome and taken to the Court cells.

The outburst came less than an hour after his lawyers argued leniency, presenting a letter Rose wrote to the Court saying he was a “changed man” and wanted to be a “good bloke and a good role model”.

Rose may now face further changes relating to the Court behaviour, but will be eligible for parole for the glassing assault in June 2019.