Police in Sydney’s inner west are investigating the latest in late-night pub robberies involving four men, armed with machetes and axes.

Ashfield Police confirmed to PubTIC they are investigating a connection between the robbery last night at a pub in Earlwood and one in Petersham a week earlier with an almost identical MO (modus operandi).

“We are pursuing an initial strong line of enquiry that the two incidents are connected. Investigations are underway and continuing,” said Inspector Andrew Graham for Ashfield LAC.

Around 11pm on 2 February Marrickville police were called to a hotel in Petersham where three men armed with a machete and an axe burst in and demanded cash from a staff member. They escaped in a dark Subaru station wagon driven by a fourth man.

The same scenario played out last night at the second pub, just five kilometres away. The blue Audi A5 used in the getaway was found on fire less than an hour later in Marrickville, around mid-way between the two pubs.

In both cases, the men were described as wearing dark clothing, with their faces covered. Police report no-one was hurt at either incident, but that staff were understandably shaken up.

“We are treating both as quite serious, as they involve multiple persons of interest, and use of weapons,” reported Graham.

“We are keen to continue investigations into both incidentsa, and will be increasing patrols near licensed premises in the later parts of the evening.”

Police report that yesterday a person was arrested and charged in relation to four armed robberies in the vicinity involving service stations.

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