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Superbowl 50 took place in San Francisco today and packed pubs across the country, as Americana hospitality continues to infiltrate popular culture in Australia.

Big screens in every state simulcast the American grand final live from the USA, attracting fans of the big-budget NFL (National Football League) into pubs unusually early for the 10:30am ESDT kick-off.

The multi-billion dollar ‘Hollywood’ sport is almost ubiquitously popular in the US, and the culmination of the season – the Superbowl – is billed as the largest one-off event annually in the world. The increasingly global nature of television, not to mention former Parramatta star Jarred Hayne’s recent publicity, has meant its broadcast is being increasingly sought in Australian venues¹.

In tune with the rise in popularity of American pop culture, one of that country’s largest beer brands aligned itself with NFL screenings in Australia by hosting Superbowl parties.

An incredible 150+ venues tapped and stocked Coors beer, bunting and paraphernalia, with fans and expats in so many locations close to experiencing the atmosphere that goes with the grand final day in pubs all over the US.

In a further connection with this year’s Superbowl, the game was between Colorado’s Denver Broncos and Carolina’s Panthers, and the family-owned Coors brand is synonymous with the Rocky hills of Colorado.

David Coors, GM Australasia and great-great-grandson of the founder, now residing with family in Sydney, chose the newly reopened Chippendale Hotel to host a select group of NFL-sympathetic Aussies, including a representative of PubTIC and esteemed guests from Coors’ distributor in Australia, Coca-Cola Amatil.

Chippo Superbowl 2016_Sally Loane_David Coors_table 2_30w

CCA’s Sally Byrne and David Coors

‘The Chippo’ was packed with devotees, cheering on their heart-felt choice between the Broncos and Panthers over a classic American atmosphere and play-by-play cacophony.

“It was a truly great game – we couldn’t have asked for better,” screamed a grinning David Coors over a mantra of Broncos celebrations at full time. The Broncos beat the Panthers 24-10.

“The atmosphere was amazing, and we’re really glad to be here. And of course that we won!”

The Chippo has quite recently embraced its new burger concept – Cheekyburger – after the concept’s success at an outlet on Oxford Street. The décor and menu tie into the American diner vibe, offering short-order meals such as chicken wings, cheeseburgers and fries.

The Chippendale pub was one of around 40 metro and more than a hundred regional pubs throughout Australia that opted in for a Coors-endorsed event, with branded glasses, baseball-style caps and Coors NFL footballs adorning the bars and patrons.

The end of the US football season represents the peak of appeal for North American lifestyle in Australia, but there is no question that Down Under is still on the menu for American tourists.

What’s more, the ardent rise in demand for the Superbowl is almost granting Australian hospitality a Christmas in July-style third bite at the grand final patron cherry.

Chippo Hotel_Superbowl_group with David_adj_LR_30w

Chippo Superbowl 2016_Coors beer Cheekyburger_David Coors_30w


1 – Superbowl searches were up again

Superbowl searches were up again