In Drinks - Beer by Clyde Mooney

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Australia’s oldest craft brewery – the Lord Nelson Hotel – is proving it is not too old to learn new tricks, expanding its award-winning line-up with an Asian-style beer inspired by spices and sugar.

Grounded in the heart of The Rocks, the Lord Nelson is one of Sydney’s oldest pubs, believed to be the oldest continuously licensed hotel in the city, celebrating its 175th anniversary in 2016.

Also incorporating a modest brewery operation, the Lord has long produced top-fermented ales specifically designed to be ‘sessionable’.

But the keepers of the Lord don’t want the old girl to be pigeon-holed, and have continued the pub-brewery’s movement to the virtues of canning with Peking Poppi, inspired by the addition of Asian spices.

“If you don’t feel like drinking two beers, you’re not drinking ours,” advises owner Blair Hayden of Lord Nelson beers, including the new brew, which he says is “an homage to our beloved multicultural Australia, represented in the best way we know how”.

Peking Poppi is the result of the brewery’s need to show off something new, diverging from the tradition of naming beers around Lord Nelson or his battles, and looking to the next generation; one of Hayden’s daughters is named Poppi.

Following its can releases Quayle Ale and Backburner, Peking Poppi is now similarly available in cans, with guest taps in the near future and draught due to become available in selected venues.

“The Lord gets a new coat,” muses Hayden.