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Perth’s Feral Brewing has shown why it is one of Australia’s leading craft beers by releasing a video – representing everything about the Feral brand bar the wet stuff.

The family-owned independent brewery was founded in 2002, vowing to be “uncompromising, untamed and downright unapologetic”.

Its signature Hop Hog has become one of the most decorated drops in Australian craft beer, more than once topping lists such as GABS Top 100 Beers.

True to the almost manic dedication to non-mainstream brewing regularly seen in hop-hugging craft brewers, Feral insists it is guided by “beer we want to drink”.

This has reportedly led them toward barrel-aged brown ales, and furthering the burgeoning trend of beer in barrels, it has purchased a stack of bourbon barrels from a Tennessee distiller.

Thinking beyond the ubiquitous beer SKU launches screaming to be heard above the industry noise, Feral has created a short film (below) that speaks to its raw, cynical market base, and core values of being ‘beholden to no-one’ and brewing beer for beer’s sake.

“Because brewing isn’t about videos, or Instagram posts, or Facebook updates: it’s about beer,” say Feral, which aims to produce “beers that make a statement: full, rich, malt-heavy, dangerous beers – beers slicked with alcohol; wild beers; Feral beers”.

Maintaining perfect brand character, the nearly four-minute video was reportedly ‘poked with sticks … flicked … taunted it with negative, one-star reviews’ before the WA brewer finally “let it loose”.

While the new matured brown ales are yet to be experienced, the product launch has already established the feral pedigree to the hoards of Feral fans.

“Watch it. Or don’t. It doesn’t really matter. We will continue to do what we do, and we hope you continue to do what you do.”


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Feral from JuiceBox on Vimeo.