In Global perspective by Clyde Mooney

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A Sunday evening in the sleepy market town of Tring was interrupted as police were called to a scuffle in the Bell Pub on High Street, as around 20 men and women drunkenly pounded crap out of each other.

CCTV camera footage sourced by the Daily Mail filmed the entire sorry incident, as a dispute over a game of pool heated tempers until someone finally threw a punch.

The next few minutes saw this become a free-for-all between multiple groups, notably including two men repeatedly punching a woman in the face before dragging her to the ground by the hair.

In a scene that could be mistaken for a slapstick punch-up in a vintage movie, the melee ends with handshakes by the perceived victors and most of the people involved staggering out.

Local police report being called at 8:22pm on 28 October, but that no crimes have been directly reported to them. Officers are carrying out enquiries.