In Global perspective by Clyde Mooney

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In Mother Russia, if someone pull wooden chair in fight, we respond by fetching chainsaw.

A video has emerged of a brawl taking place outside a Russian pub demonstrating the Russian peoples’ stubborn pragmatism, particularly in the face of adversity.

As two groups of men armed with assorted furniture face off outside the drinking establishment, one man holding a wooden chair clubs another, before felling him with a jab to the face.

Seemingly incensed at this pugilism in a furniture fight, one opponent strides to his nearby car and produces a chainsaw, which he rev’s into action before chasing the assailant into the darkness out of camera.

Russia is by far the world’s largest consumer of spirits (almost entirely vodka) per capita, with 151 per cent of number #2 on the list, Poland, and 256 per cent of the international average. But according to research data by Ghost in the Media Russia ranks 7th overall for gross alcohol consumption – behind Australia.

Spirit consumption country ranking

Gross alcohol consumption country ranking

Gross alcohol consumption country ranking