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In celebration of the start of the summer silly season, Three Cheers has issued the SAS Challenge, in the name of better patron experience and venue profits.

Career liquor industry trainer Sam Coffey operates Three Cheers, offering the Special Alcohol Service¹ training course, which enjoys a strong reputation for improving the way patrons are managed – ultimately leading to happy customers, repeat business and fewer problems.

The course focuses on proactive patron management, incorporating psychology and physiology, teaching staff best approaches and solutions to real-life scenarios.

Many venues and even entire liquor accords have adopted the SAS system, advocating a strong chain of patron management with all staff trained in the same techniques. The Star is one such venue that, having recently completed a trial, has now begun rolling out the training through their security.

Employing the system has been shown to improve both customer service, and safety both at the venue and afterwards, leading to fewer problems, better community safety and amenity, and a good reputation for the venue with customers and licensing authorities.

In the process, this improves staff enjoyment and retention, and ultimately venue profits.

The SAS Challenge is to any venue that would like to try to improve any or all of these aspects.

Three Cheers is offering a face-to-face tutorial for some senior management, with patron management exercises to try immediately. The tutorial is based on part of Three Cheers’ two-part training system, offering an in-house session with scenarios for all staff that have done the online education training.

Coffey launched Three Cheers after years of event and nightclub management, and RSA training, seeing a need for a system that was the next step up from simple responsible service of alcohol.

He is offering the SAS Challenge for no charge², as testament to his own belief in the system he has spent years perfecting.

“If they then wanted to do the training properly we’d take it from there,” says Coffey. “It becomes clear that it’s better for patrons and the community.”


Editorial note: this is not a paid article. PubTIC has seen and heard first-hand the benefits achieved by numerous venues and groups that have undertaken the SAS system.


¹ Formerly Special Alcohol Management Service (SAMS)

² Regular value $500 + GST

Sam Coffey training at Golden Sheaf Hotel