Burgeoning beer den the Keg & Brew will tonight host a tap take-over by a bunch of bastards as Manly brewer 4 Pines launches a line-up.

The Manly lads have concocted a collection of pale ales they say were each influenced by a British colony, and will on hand tonight at the K&B to answer for their crimes.

Bastards of the British Empire features a pale incarnation representing English, American, Kiwi, Australian and Belgian ales.

“It’s been a lot of fun – awesome,” 4 Pines owner Jaron Mitchell told PubTIC.

“Particularly the brewing, and the history – and showcasing what one style can be.”

The takeover will bring free beer to the masses from 6-7pm.

Bastards of British Empire_25w

Bastards of British Empire_Australian pale“The Fourth Bastard”

Rum was the currency of Australia at the turn of the 19th Century. Quite literally, it was destroying the settlement. Governor Philip King needed a safer alternative so he asked the British Government to import hops and brewing equipment. When HMS Porpoise finally arrived, so did Australia’s thirst for Pale Ale. However, it was a slow start as the settler struggled to grow the hops in the harsh Australian climate; the first Australian-grown hops were finally cultivated in 1806. From these humble beginnings grew one of the cornerstones of Australia’s rich brewing history.

5.0% abv, 32 IBUs

This brew is straw-like and hazy in appearance, unfiltered and naturally-conditioned for one month in the bottle. Small amounts of carried-over yeast provide a distinctive fruitiness and plenty of vitamin B to help with hangovers in any cases of accidental overconsumption.

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