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Australia’s $4 Billion Dollar Hotel – as the NSW Government gives green light for work to start on Snowy 2.0

Who would have imagined, 24 months ago, when the new publican bought the freehold of this popular country hotel in a small valley of the NSW Snowy Mountains, that industry leaders and politicians would visit it.

This interest would culminate in the announcement of the $4 billion dollar ‘Snowy 2.0’ renewable energy project that will be built on this lucky publican’s doorstep.

The town of Adaminaby is of fine people and good country, all of which will see the benefits expected to flow from the estimated 3000 workers that will infuse the mountains during the project’s seven-year build.

The Hotel, which is 17km from the site, is the only hotel in our town and should see golden ale flowing constantly from its taps.

The Snow Goose Hotel was originally built by the Snowy Mountains Commission 60 years ago and has a great and interesting history. The thousands of fishermen who fill the area during Trout Season, to fish the biggest and best freshwater fishery in Australia, patronise it.

Then brings on the Winter Snow Season, which sees the whole town fill to its capacity and the Hotel swollen with families of young skiers and boarders. Not to forget summer in the snowy mountains, which is growing exponentially with mountain biking, horse riding treks, cyclists, alpine walkers and campers.

This announcement, on the back of a detailed feasibility study that has been undertaken over the last 18 months has already seen the hotel owner building new systems, infrastructure and staffing to be able to handle the avalanche that is about to roll on the small town of Adaminaby. With 17 locals already employed at the hotel, the challenge is now choosing areas of the hotel to maximise its full potential.

Publican Andrew Smith suggests the latest changes to gaming laws will allow his gaming room to grow from the present seven entitlements to up to 20 more. This, and the area for accommodation expansion on the existing Hotel and Motel grounds, will see his time challenged on many levels. 

It is a wonderful ‘town-owned hotel’, with locals that have high expectation of service and community.

Asked if there was thought of putting the Hotel on the market, he replied indicating that there were already many enquiries regarding that very question. A question not easily answered given his love of the hotel, his staff and the town.

With ‘Snowy 3.0 & 4.0’ already being talked about by Snowy Hydro’s CEO, Paul Broad, the future for the growth of the Snow Goose Hotel looks very positive for employment in the town and for the current publican.

(Anon patron.)