One of Australia’s favourite* craft beers is releasing the next edition in its Brewpub series, with a nod to one of the most feral creatures around.

Feral Cat IPAThe team from Swan Valley have announced the finished product War Hog – emanating from the Feral Cat short release.

Feral Brewing takes pride in a heritage that depicts bathtub brews in an outback pub, and produces its Brewpub series as a reminder of both its heritage and passion for the product.

War Hog is an American IPA with a gnarly 8.0 ABV that is the branding evolution of its less brutal predecessor.

“Feral Cat seemed a little too cute and cuddly, so like any jerk cat would, he has scratched off his own cute little furry face to reveal himself as a bad ass tusk bearing Hog, now known as War Hog,” warned the news bulletin.

War Hog will be available nationally in early November.

War Hog_Brewpub series poster


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