In Global perspective by Clyde Mooney

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Naked man Czech Republic pay bill_web_crpsqA man who could not pay his bill at a Czech pub and left all his clothes as collateral as he went for money was stopped by local police, then allowed to complete his quest.

On Monday (25 July) residents and CCTV of the town of Prerov in the Czech Republic were endowed with the vision of a man walking stark naked bar socks through the streets, whilst talking on his mobile phone.

Police stopped and questioned the man, who calmly explained he was just going across town to another pub, to fetch cash to pay the bill at the pub where he just left his clothes.

Hearing this, police set him on his way. He went on to settle the bill, retrieve his clothes and even put them back on.

Czech authorities have not specified whether there was any kind of breach of the law, just that they have passed the matter on to the State police to investigate further.

According to Ghost in the Media, the Czech Republic leads the world in overall alcohol consumption.

Overall alcohol consumption by country