One determined Queensland patron was caught on CCTV using an empty beer keg to break in to a pub so he could get another beer.

The drunk man was filmed throwing a keg at a side door of the Howl at the Moon pub in Surfers Paradise at 3:30 am yesterday.

Although he broke the door’s lock on the first attempt, he did not realise and threw the keg another two times, creating a modest hole in the laminated glass. He proceeded to climb head-first through this hole – with his lit cigarette – before the door swung open as he fell through.

Thoughtfully, he closed it again and proceeded to the bar. After a time he figured he wasn’t going to be served, and left again with nothing but his cigarette.

Owner of the pub, Mario Zulli, spoke to Channel 7 and obviously struggled to take the incident too seriously.

“Ah yeah, it’s too funny to actually think seriously about.”

Zulli said if the man pays to fix the door he is even welcome back – but only when they are open.

The man later handed himself in to police. He will likely face charges relating to break and enter and property damage – and perhaps for smoking in a licensed venue whilst stupid.

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