A Queensland hotel manager accused of stealing over $60,000 through Keno has pleaded guilty and awaits sentencing.

In February PubTIC reported on the case of the manager of the Emerald Hotel, Robert Craig Philips, being charged with offenses based on his alleged theft of $62,530 by way of unpaid Keno bets.

Shortly after publishing, the owner of the Emerald Hotel contacted PubTIC in the belief that there may have been a mistake and police may end up “singing a different tune”.

PubTIC subsequently called Emerald Police over the next several months, speaking with Kevin Ongheen of the prosecutor’s office. Ongheen suggested the charges were indeed serious and there was no notion of dismissing the charges.

After several adjournments the case was heard on 23 June at Emerald Magistrate’s court.

Philips pleaded guilty to the charges and the case was referred to Emerald District Court for sentencing. The Department of Public Prosecutions has now been able to confirm that sentencing will take place in early September.

Discussions with the owner of the Emerald Hotel revealed that the Keno system had been removed by the company, although all commissions were paid.

PubTIC contacted the Emerald several times for further comment, but no reply was received.

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