Pub king Arthur Laundy is planning to build his first pub from scratch, with a craft brewery for the people of the western suburbs.

Set to be located on Fulton Rd, Marsden Park, the pub-brewery is expected to cost around $26 million to build, and will employ around 120 people.

Speaking with PubTIC, Laundy is excited about the idea of building his first pub from the ground up.

“My father and mother built the Twin Willows, but in all the time I have bought and sold 84, 85 pubs – this is the first, and I’m very excited about it.”

The new hotel is expected to include a bistro, multiple bars, a gaming room, function centre, outdoor sports lounge and children’s playground. In the brewery, patrons will be able to sample beers and observe the brewing process in action.

Plans are currently with Blacktown Council. A report submitted cites the targeted 25+ demographic and intention for “an up-market venue in keeping with the quality and nature of the businesses moving into the industrial precinct”.

The Marsden Park Precinct is slated for over 10,000 homes and a population around 30,000 by 2031. Major construction of the ‘Greenway Village’ began last month. Laundy believes it is the ideal place for a brand new pub and brewery.

“We’ve got the Plumpton, down the road. The place is just booming. It’s a very big development area, that one,” says Laundy.

“I’d like to try craft beer out there, but we can’t charge western suburbs people the same prices for these beers as they do in the city. If we’re producing it ourselves, we can make it cheaper for the average guy.

“We need some price-busters to encourage craft beer sales, and I will most certainly be working in that direction.”

Heading toward his sixth decade in the pub game, the veteran has called on former Lion boss Daryl MacGraw to line up brewers and manage the creation of the boutique brewery.

“It won’t be a big operation. We’ll brew beer for our other hotels, and for mates and friends such as the Waughs and Ryans – if they want it,” says Laundy.

Plans are on public exhibition at Blacktown City Information Centre from 14-28 September.

Artist's impression of the proposed Hotel and brewery
Artist’s impression of the proposed Hotel and brewery
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