In In My Opinion by Clyde Mooney

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Inspired by descendants destined to suffer the jetsam of an escalating world climate of human legacy and politics, the Hospitality Doctor, Max Hitchins, has teamed up with ophthalmologist Dr Frank Cheok for a social media war on war.

Industry veteran, former publican, honoured member of the 15 Club and the world’s foremost expert on the Melbourne Cup, Max Hitchins, was brought to consider the possibility and ramifications of nuclear war when approached by his 15-year-old grandson about a school presentation.

High-schooler Jim Bridger offered up a quote from John F. Kennedy:

“Mankind must put an end to War or War will put an end to mankind.”

Max lamented this with his friend, Dr Cheok OAM, celebrated eye specialist from Sydney’s St Vincent’s Hospital, and the two of them determined to make a video, enlisting the help of American folk singer Ed McCurdy, to plead with the sensibilities of people, to dream for peace.

Max Hitchins

“In these times of heightened hostilities around the world, it’s important to reflect and send a message for permanent change in the way world leaders think and act,” says Hitchins.

“Real change starts with a ground swell of public and social opinion.

“And we prefer a social media war to a nuclear war.”


If you are troubled by the tide of nationalism, hate speech and ‘alternative facts’ spreading across the globe and through every society, share this video in the name of peace.