In Bar by Clyde Mooney

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Perth-based manufacturer Swish has developed a real-feel unbreakable 22mL shot glass in response to changing requirements in licensed venues.

Swish Plastic was founded in 2010 on the concept of providing safer, cost-effective plastic glassware that doesn’t look or feel like plastic glassware. The company has developed the custom shot glass in the new Tritan plastic material it adopted last year.

Swish Trian shot glass 22mL“We decided to develop a 22mL shot glass after consulting with bars and nightclubs to see what their need was,” Swish Plastic’s Charlotta Andresson told PubTIC.

The shot glass is the second in the Tritan range, following the similarly inspired stackable tumblers it first released. Tritan plastic is reportedly superior to polycarbonate in strength and scratch-resistance, and won’t chip in commercial dishwashers. It is also BPA-free*.

The classically refined Tritan glassware is comparable in look and feel to traditional glasses, but with the safety and other advantages of non-glass. They are freezer safe and can hold liquids at 100° C.



*BPA: bisphenol A is an industrial chemical that has been used to make types of plastic since the 1960s. Exposure through food and liquids in containers made with BPA is potentially linked to health risks concerning the brain and blood pressure.