Wild footage shows another night in an unnamed pub in Britain, with many of the patrons taking part in a routine post-footy brawl.

While Manchester United has been named the first soccer team valued at over $1bn, a video tagged ‘Pub Brawl Manchester’ has revealed the type of rampant violence that all too often accompanies football (soccer) matches in the UK.

Filmed and posted to social media by someone at the pub in question, the video shows images such as a man appearing to smash a bottle over another patron’s head, a woman poised to throw a wine glass, and assorted screams and scuffles amid punches thrown and drunken fools tackling each other.

While no details or official news have emerged, the post suggests it is a clash between supporters from the towns of Little Hulton and Walkden, barely two kilometres apart, and both under 20 kilometres from Manchester city.


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