Dandy $2.8m Keno win for pensioner patron

A long-term disability pensioner hit cloud nine in August after a massive Keno windfall at a pub in the Dandenong ranges.

A local resident scored a $2.78 million win at the Jim Dandy Hotel playing $1 10-number Keno games. The Macedonian migrant known as Kenedi is hoping to keep his identity private, but has found financial freedom after thirteen years on a pension due to injuring his back.

Jim Dandy Hotel manager Marc Mifsud told the Herald Sun he had the pleasure of informing the hotel’s patron of his incredible win, remarking “no one deserves it more”.

News of the win prompted a cascade of media stories, putting the hotel “on the map” Mifsud reported.

Long accustomed to a meagre lifestyle, Kenedi revealed plans to secure a house and donate money to a cancer charity.

Keno State sales manager David Dicker congratulated Kenedi on winning the first jackpot in Victoria since the games relaunch.

“It’s wonderful that Keno has been able to bring some joy to someone who has been doing it tough.”


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