Mikey Robbins could Lunchalot in pubs

Mikey Robbins could Lunchalot in pubsAustralian comedic stalwart Mikey Robbins launched a service to leverage the power of digital marketing to fill empty restaurant seats.

Known as Lunchalot, the service brings together hungry bargain-hunters and eating establishments with unfilled chairs.

Users of the service get the option of 50 per cent off food or 25 per cent of food and drinks, available at listed venue choices, while establishments enjoy additional patronage for the price for the discount.

Robbins said late last year that the service was gaining a strong membership base and he was definitely interested in getting closer to the pub market, which in recent years has really embraced the increase in dining expectations.

A regular on the comedic circuit at institutions such as Glebe’s Harold Park Hotel, Robbins admits to enjoying more than a few lunches in pubs.

Venues can register on the Lunchalot site, and use the free marketing platform to drive business in typically quieter times. Notification is sent to the venue instantly by email or SMS as members make bookings, and no fees are paid by the venue to Lunchalot.

The system has the advantage of dispensing with vouchers or cooperative contracts, and the venue gets 100 per cent of the bill paid.


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