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UK licensing authorities are calling to task a suburban pub they say has become a “focal point for crime and disorder” after too many callouts for them and paramedics.

Knights Quest pub, Blackheath. Image:

The south London district of Blackheath is known for its extensive green spaces, village feel and traditional pubs.

But one has been identified by authorities as having some issues and instructed to tighten operations.

The warning comes after a recent brawl at the Knight’s Quest where a patron’s head was stomped, knocking him unconscious. The 30-person brawl (video below) brought the local constabulary for the 35th time in two years.

Licensing officer Mick Boyd told a hearing at Sandwell Council this number was more than the other eight pubs in the area combined.

The Council also heard that ambulances had been called 12 times in the period April 2016 to April 2017, with 10 occasions requiring someone taken to Emergency.

Boyd said the pub had become a focal point for crime, disorder and antisocial behaviour, with assaults and woundings occurring both inside and outside the premises.

“It is the most problematic licensed premises in Sandwell,” said Boyd. “Young people are drinking to excess into the early hours and there is a failure and reluctance on staff to report incidents.”

A representative for Marston’s, owners of The Quest, argued it was not “fundamentally broken”.

But authorities have ruled something must be done. Knight’s will now close at 1:30, back from 2:30, and beyond more CCTV being installed door staff will be required to wear bodycams from 9pm on Friday and Saturday night.