In Drinks - Beer by Clyde Mooney

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Coopers has responded to consumer demand with the release of the new Coopers Dry.

The product is an entirely new beer, made with an extended low-temperature process and developed to meet the growing public demand for this style of lager.

“Dry or low carb beers currently represent more than 15 per cent of the total Australian beer market, but there are relatively few brands from which consumers can choose,” offers Coopers’ sales and marketing director, Cam Pearce.

“Coopers Dry will provide consumers with a refreshing alternative, offering low malt sweetness and modest bitterness that can be enjoyed with a wide range of foods all year ‘round.”

Dry beers are well-established in the market; almost 20 million cases of low carb beer were sold in Australia in FY18.

Coopers Dry positions itself as a premium offering the big Aussie brewer hopes will be well received in the low-carb market.

The beer incorporates a highly fermentable Pilsner malt as the foundation, fermented to allow specific yeast to consume all fermentable sugars, producing an exceptionally dry finish that enhances the Magnum hops.

The launch of Coopers Dry brings withdrawal of Coopers Clear from sale.

Coopers Dry is now available in keg, bottles and cans.