B2B customer services and mystery shopper company Girl Friday has rebranded to better reflect the work it does helping pubs and other businesses increase their competitive edge.

Girl Friday has been operating for over 13 years and has evolved to offer a range of services, largely based in ‘mystery’ shopping, customer satisfaction and compliance.

Its services will remain largely unchanged, but the company will now be known as Mystery Management P/L.

It employs a host of admin staff, and 120 active agents visiting hospitality, retail and transport businesses over 500 times per month, as well as a team of contracted software engineers.

The insights provided to clients from site reports allow businesses to achieve and maintain service levels in line with their operational goals.

Stephen Hunt owner-operates a suite of pubs on the NSW coast and Newcastle region and says he has used the company since its inception, and continues to do so.

Prior to a recent acquisition in Nelson Bay, Hunt engaged the mystery services to gauge how the pub operated before they took over, and help identify potential star performers. He subsequently ordered a reassessment after the team had taken control.

“I use them at all my venues at least monthly,” he says.

“Our philosophy is ‘the endless pursuit of perfection’. It isn’t easy, but it’s worth it, and having mystery shoppers report monthly meets our philosophy’s needs.” 

Mystery Management says it designs programs to help clients be competitive, while increasing service, sales and performance. Data is 256-bit encrypted, and remains the property of the client.

“It’s not what your regulars tell you, it’s what your customers say,” poses principle Louise Heffernan.

Mystery Management notes that more than a third of its turnover is spent in the hospitality industry, experiencing the venues.

The company will soon be launching its new software Trend Tracker.

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