Consumer research has reached inside Australia’s legion of craft beer drinkers, with important results for licensees.

The Sydney-based Beer Cartel is a distributor of over 1,100 craft beers from around the world, providing tasting rooms and beer clubs, and distribution of curated six and twelve-packs to budding connoisseurs.

Surveying over 6,500 beer drinkers, the company reports its 2016 Australian Craft Beer Survey is the “most comprehensive, publicly available research ever undertaken with Australian craft beer drinkers”.

Key results for licensed premises include:

  • Pale Ale is Australia’s favourite style, consumed by 91 per cent of craft beer drinkers
  • Australian craft beer drinkers are highly patriotic, voting Australia the best beer-producing nation
  • Within Australia, Victoria was voted the best State for craft beer

Australia's best craft brewery Top 10_LRThere are now several hundred craft brewers in Australia, and most constantly producing new offerings with wildly varying success. But of all, the brewers voted Top 5 in the country were (in order):

  • Feral Brewing Co
  • Pirate Life
  • Stone & Wood
  • Bridge Road
  • 4 Pines

Speaking to PubTIC, Beer Cartel director Richard Kelsey says competition amongst brewers, particularly in the Pale Ale style, is leading to compelling profitability for publicans.

“By style Pale Ale is the most consumed beer, so it makes sense for pubs to offer this – particularly one from any of the top 10 best Australian craft breweries as these will allow for consistent turnover.

“Venues do need to remember that it is not simply a matter of having ‘a’ Pale Ale, it needs to be a good quality beer, otherwise stock turnover won’t occur.”

Total weekly spend on craft beer_LRThe Cartel has also found typical craft beer drinkers are cashed-up, and over 90 per cent have high disposable income.

“Craft Beer drinkers spend on average $56 on beer every week, so by having a good craft beer offer at your venue it does allow you to target these customers.”

See here for the full survey results.

Australian craft beer drinker profile_LR


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