Loyal to its roots, 4 Pines beers is opening three new beer-based venues on Sydney’s northern beaches, showcasing its passion for “purity” and produce.

4 Pines Truck Bar_LR_smlIn coming months, the very Manly brewer is expanding upon its existing brew-pub and Brookvale Truck Bar brewery with a new eatery under the original Manly brewery, called Underground, and in the upper peninsula, an outlet for its artisan barrel-aged beers, to be called 4 Pines Newport Barrelhouse.

Next year there will also be a new outlet in Glenn St Theatre called 4 Pines Belrose that will further the brewer’s foray into the complementary art of bread-making. Recognising the similarities in craftsmanship, the company has made its own stout bread since 2010 and entertains the idea of one day being known for both beer and bread.

Underground, to be open every day for breakfast lunch and dinner, will be driven by Executive Chef Rob de Paulo, moving away from a pub focus to more produce-driven and seasonal menus.

4 Pines Newport Barrelhouse is reportedly the result of brewer Garrett Sherman’s “sheer willpower” to expand upon his own tinkering with recipes involving wine and whiskey barrels. The brewer reports these have been scientifically tested on select demographics including unsuspecting tourists and the Russian Track & Field team.

“We’re proud to say all results were positive.”

Speaking to PubTIC, brew-publican Ged Dore says the bread connection is actually very 4 Pines.

“Brewers and bakers … I call them ‘pure at heart’.

“The Newport Barrelhouse is the result of years of experimenting with this kind of style, and it’s great that barrel-aged is now getting some attention as we are ready to go further with it.

“The bread concept just fitted. And unlike Europe, where you can happily have a beer at nine in the morning, in Australia people will look at you if you order a beer that early.

“The evolution of drinking here is such that with beer you’ve got to have food. It’s a healthy balance.”

Founder and GM of 4 Pines, Jaron Mitchell, grew up near WA’s Margaret River, and holds great appreciation for a local artisan bread-maker, Yallingup Wood Fired Bakery.

Inspired by and advised by Yallingup, as well as his own research uncovering an ancient tale around the link between bread and beer involving a primitive man drinking wild yeast beer beside a campfire and waking to find it had turned to bread, Mitchell has expanded on the 4 Pines bread concept independently of its immediate profitability.

“Jaron’s the kind of guy that has an idea, starts somewhere, dreams where you could take it, then makes it happen,” extols Dore. “But his first decision is always to ensure it is a good fit for his brand.

“4 Pines has come a long way since the BrewPub launched 2008, with the Keller Door range, Space Beer, Truck Bar last year and now these three venues. We don’t want to do something new unless it’s an organic fit for our business and we’ve had the tick of approval from the local community.”

4 Pines Garrett Sherman. Rob de Paulo
4 Pines brewer Garrett Sherman and executive chef Rob de Paulo
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