The Australian Beer Company is targeting the great untapped frontier of craft beer, showcasing its Yenda range by taking it on the road to the average Joe.

Australian Beer Company’s range is distributed exclusively in Australia through drinks giant Coca-Cola Amatil, and the Yenda range is its flagship in-house craft brand.

Increasing awareness of Yenda includes roadshows of the custom decorated Yenda caravan, known as Wanda. The classic mobile home, sporting murals of very Australian landscapes, is pulled by a Landcruiser that is also a mobile pub, with kegs on the tray.

The pair attract plenty of attention and have been embarking on road trips to bring Aus Beer Co’s craft brand to towns throughout Australia.

This month saw a nine-day tour of half a dozen towns across NSW and Victoria, incorporating bespoke events and featuring in the Great Australian Beer Festival in Geelong.

The team began in the name-inspiring town of Yenda, in southern NSW, driving next to Geelong for the festival, taking a ferry from Queenscliff across Port Phillip Bay to Portsea via Sorrento, before heading north again, stopping at Glenrowan to visit Ned Kelly, then on to Albury to take part in the annual Country Week celebrations.

Throughout the trip the caravan stopped at pubs and destinations, such as Shepparton’s Aussie Hotel and Albury’s instalment of Beer Deluxe, to shout the locals a few coldies and talk all matters beer.

A regular occurrence is meeting the likes of ‘Slugger’ – one vocal advocate of mainstream lager encountered on the latest journey. The label offers five varietals, and plenty of information on what to expect in the beer and what food goes well with it. (see example video below)

The result is many a dubious first-timer converted to the merits of ‘crafted’ brews “thanks to the Aus Beer Co team’s passion for introducing the flavour and experience of craft to a whole new world of drinkers,” says Aus Beer Co’s public affairs & communications manager, Nicki Drinkwater.

“The Great Australian Beer festival was a great event, attended by over 5,000 people.

“[Our] Chris Farr entered the keg rolling competition, only to be pipped at the post by Little Creatures.”

As is the hope, the colourfully decorated Wanda, towed by ‘Andy the Landie’ are very popular. Drinkwater says they certainly make an impact.

“There were a few requests to rent out Wanda and the truck for local events too, with one drinker even asking for it for his wedding!”

Aus Beer Co intends to do many more such trips, covering different regions and bringing draught craft beer to many new drinkers.

ABCo Wanda with Ute_side_crp_LR

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