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The bold and beautiful Abbotts Hotel Waterloo has unleashed its ‘Beer-o-meter’ offering hot and thirsty Sydneysiders frosty discounted and potentially free beer when the summer temps soar.

Set on Botany Road, on the coal face of gentrification’s spread into the working class city-fringe ‘burbs, the Waterloo works hard to retain satisfied patrons while encouraging newcomers.

As the scourge of climate change sees each summer set new benchmarks in discomfort, Abbott’s owner Bill Smith believes his cosmopolitan local can play its part in keeping things cool.

“If it’s stinking hot, beer should be cheaper,” champions Smith. “So for the rest of the month we’re rewarding our patrons with good beer at fair, Aussie prices.”

The summer promotion is directly linked to data from the Bureau of Meteorology. If temperatures anywhere in greater Sydney surpass 38°C, the price of a schooner drops from $6 to $3.80.

Should the mercury creep up to 40°C, the schooner price falls further, to $2.80. At 42°C beers are just $1.

And days when the city bakes at a must-get-to-the-pub 45 degrees, the first round is on Bill*.

“Hot weather and beer are two things Aussies really identify with, and I tell you what it gets bloody boiling outside in Waterloo this time of year!”

Abbott’s offers daily meal deals to accompany a refreshing ale, and turns up the heat with rounds of trivia of an evening.

Mid-2017 Smith bought the nearby Alfred Hotel, Camperdown, consolidating his association with the area and populace, including sweaty share-house fan-hugging students in need of a heat-subsidised beer.


*In the event of 45°C and the proposed free beer, a strict limit of one complimentary beer per person per day will apply. Abbott’s proudly practises responsible service of alcohol conditions.