4Pines hoping to open beer-lovers pub within brewery

Top Sydney brewer 4 Pines is hoping to open a crafty pub within its Brookvale brewery, to serve up tasty beverages, brewery tours, great meals, and the atmosphere that has become synonymous with the brand in Manly.

4 Pines opened its original brew-pub in Manly in 2008, and a few years ago expanded with a dedicated production brewery in the industrial area of nearby Brookvale.

The hope now is to continue with the intimate community engagement, with patrons at the proposed new venue drinking uber-fresh beer beside massive bubbling tanks. 4Pines co-owner Jaron Mitchell envisions bartenders serving beer out of the back of an old Dodge.

“You would be standing right next to huge vats of beer whilst they’re still brewing – drinking beer. There’s something magical about that, something that screams freshness,” said Mitchell.

Hoping to trade just 3-4 nights per week, Mitchell says the bar would only hold about 70 people and be as much about educating the locals and bringing a point of difference to the brand.


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