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It’s liquor licence renewal time, and Victorian licensees and permit-holders are being invited to step up to the new ‘eLicence’ system.

Licensees and permit-holders in Victoria are receiving their renewal notice in the mail this month.

Renewal fees are due by 31 December, to be paid to the State Revenue Office.

Liquor licence renewals can now be streamlined once the holder is registered for an ‘eLicence’ through a portal account.

Benefits include:

  • receiving the renewed licence by email within five (business) days
  • updating details online
  • applying to add, remove or replace the Nominee or Director(s) associated with a licence or permit
  • applying to transfer a licence or permit
  • 24/7 access to and download of the active liquor licence and red line plan


To register for an eLicence:

  • create a portal account at
  • link the relevant licence or permit (requires the licence number and unique 4-digit PIN on the renewal notice)
  • click on the ‘eLicence’ tab and provide an email address


For more information see the VCGLR’s documentation on liquor licence renewals.