In Global perspective by Clyde Mooney

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Britons are praising the introduction of the all-serving Order & Pay smartphone app, getting food and drinks delivered to pub tables without fuss, queue or cash.

The largest pub chain in the UK, Wetherspoons is known for bringing innovation in the form of bland repetition and economies of scale.

Following a successful trial, the group has rolled out the Order & Pay app (on Android and ios) across 956 UK pubs, allowing people to select any food and drinks from the menu and have it delivered to their table, in their chosen location.

The pub-going populace has responded with shouts of philanthropy, “I’ve sent a round of drinks to a table if I couldn’t make it to someone’s birthday get-together,” one punter told the Independent UK.

“Don’t want to carry a large round of drinks … no problem – use the app,” says the Wetherspoons literature.

Paying the same prices as at the bar while removing the need to get off your seat, interact with anyone or worry too much about any pesky RSA assessment, UK patrons are reportedly quickly adding O&P to their revelry repertoire.

But some in the UK are critical of the app’s convenience, and the undiscerning nature of orders delivered to a table, fearing the already benign ‘Spoons’ pubs have taken liberties one step too far.

“If an app can take an order, then surely eventually a robot can deliver it, too.”