In Training by Clyde Mooney

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GTD Hospitality has announced its new generation in relevant staff training, Spoonfed, providing cost-effective visual education for pub staff for venues to use as required.

The Spoonfed product continues the work of GTD’s hospitalityTV system, now using a new cloud-based solution on a tablet, developed in 2017.

The upgraded system includes customer-facing promotion of food & bev products and specials during service times, while staff are busy.

Tony Wilson is general manager of Melbourne’s Westwaters Hotel and Entertainment Complex, employing a large workforce with a variety of skillsets, and has adopted the Spoonfed program.

Wilson reports benefit in leaving the tablet behind the bar to passively train staff during quiet times, and good response to its use in customer education, but as a venue that turns over a lot of staff he finds it ideal for reducing time spent and giving a consistent induction.

“It reinforces what you are saying to people, in regards to different product and how it should be presented,” he explains. “It’s a really handy tool, in that regard.”

The career publican has made a practice of educating or re-educating small groups prior to starting a shift, and reports particular success with education around the Hotel’s menu changes, which are programmed into its Spoonfed files.

“We change our menu every three months,” he said. “We give the menu to the staff to take home, but this gives them a reflective visual of it, on the day, before starting work. They might not be too sure of what certain products are, or what’s in them, things like that.

“It’s designated that for 15 minutes or half an hour before you start work, you sit down and have a browse through this. One in two or three will find something they never knew before, or weren’t sure about.”

GTD Hospitality has been providing solutions to the hospitality and tourism industries since 1990.

Spoonfed receives daily updates, and is available by month-to-month subscription, with no contracts, for $1.80 per day.