Two NSW hotels have sadly become embroiled in the tragic deaths of two patrons assaulted in the vicinity.

Visitor to Coffs Harbour, 26-year-old Kyle Watkins, was struck in a seemingly unprovoked attack soon after leaving the Coffs Hotel with a group of friends around 10:15 pm last Saturday night.

One friend witnessed an altercation between Watkins, who had walked ahead of the group, and an unknown assailant. Watkins was struck and fell to the ground, sustaining catastrophic head injuries.

Following undoubtedly heart-wrenching discussions, Watkins life support was switched off on Tuesday.

The perpetrator was seen fleeing the area, but police have not been able to secure a full description of the man and are still seeking witnesses.

Meanwhile, a Sydney man has died following his intervention in the indecent assault of a female patron at a hotel in the city fringe, around 4pm on Tuesday.

Police report a 58-year-old man indecently assaulted a woman at the Grosvenor Hotel. Witnesses report a heated argument outside the pub between him and another man, aged 52, culminating with the younger man being struck and falling to the ground. He suffered a cardiac arrest and died in hospital early Wednesday morning.

The older man was later arrested in Waterloo. He has been charged with indecent assault and affray and will appear before Downing Centre Local Court 26 October.

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