In Crime by Clyde Mooney

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Victorian pubs lament a rough weekend, as violence makes the headlines in at least two locations, leaving one man dead and several in police custody.

Emergency services were called to a fight that broke out early Saturday morning on Campbell Street, Swan Hill, between two local men. Swan Hill is a border town, around four hours’ north-west of Melbourne.

Paramedics treated a 20-year-old man for head injuries, but he died at the scene.

A 40-year-old man was taken into custody, but later released pending further investigation by police. It is not known if the two men are known to each other.

Melbourne homicide detectives have been brought in to investigate and police are seeking witnesses.

The Commercial Hotel was forced to cease trading after the altercation, sometime after 1am, and the street was subsequently closed through the day.

Saturday afternoon saw a surprise display at south-west Melbourne venue the Seagulls Nest Club, with a disagreement between several men spilling onto the sidewalk, where one man was knocked unconscious.

Friends of the unconscious man reportedly retaliated with instigators, while the man lay on the pavement with a growing crowd making some attempt to revive him.

Staff and patrons attempted to herd the ‘brawl’ out of and beyond the venue, and while some quickly left peacefully, glasses and chairs were reportedly thrown by other perpetrators.

Emergency services were called for the injured 44-year-old man, who was subsequently taken to hospital for scans and observation, said a Victoria Police spokesperson.

Offenders attempted to flee on foot. A 48-year-old from Braybrook and another man in his 40s are in custody in relation to assault charges.