The brand that made cider a household name in Australia has launched a massive campaign to reach new heights in the hearts and minds of its primary demographic.

Rekorderlig’s “Beautifully Swedish” legacy has evolved again, with a compelling, wordless tribute to Swedish natural beauty, and the quirky Scandinavian sense of humour. [watch video below]

Nikki Langford, marketing manager of the brand’s global agency, Chilli Marketing, said it is Rekorderlig’s first ever global brand campaign and the big-budget production is aimed squarely at their social media-addicted demographic of 18-34-year-olds.

“In true Rekorderlig style, we’ve been bold enough to deliver a breathtaking creative and invest this primarily into social,” says Langford.

“We believe that our core audience is more likely to engage with the brand and our amazing content in this space.”

The ‘Silver Skaters’ TVC features two long-haired and long-bearded men silently figure skating around a frozen lake to a haunting rendition of a traditional Swedish folk track: ‘The Reindeer Herder’s Joik’.

Produced with Saatchi & Saatchi, the ad utilised the choreographers from Blades of Glory, the wig-makes from the Harry Potter films and award-winning director Andreas Nilsson.

It involved 128 cast and crew, with temperatures on set as low as minus 42° centigrade.

The result is a 60-second short film, a 30-second cut-down, and 12 additional edits – all part of a campaign that begins this week and will cascade through Facebook and Instagram over coming weeks.

Chilli Marketing managing director Kieron Barton says the cider market was getting “a little predictable” and they recognised the need for the Swedish pioneering cider brand to reinvigorate it a bit.

“This shifts the focus from a somewhat staid approach for cider brands with apples and pears falling from trees, to a much more emotional one.

“The end result is an epic sensory overload with a soundtrack that is both haunting and euphoric. The whole thing leaves you wanting more.

“We believe it will live long in the memory and think that consumers will come away from viewing this knowing that Rekorderlig Cider truly is ‘Beautifully Swedish’.”

Rekorderlig Silver Skaters_scrsht_YTube


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