In The Hub by Clyde Mooney

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Andrology Australia is engaging with pubs to help Australian men toward better health and wellbeing by encouraging them to talk about themselves during this year’s Men’s Health Week.

It’s an established fact that many men feel as though they cannot talk about their physical or mental health. A real or perceived lack of someone suitable compounds the stoic, ‘she’ll be right’ philosophy of many Australian men.

During Men’s Health Week, 11-17 June 2018, Andrology Australia (AA) is hoping pubs around the country will help encourage men to talk, by displaying resources front or back of house, educating patrons and/or staff.

The simple act of sharing a concern can make a huge difference to someone with a problem. Talking to a relative or colleague, or simply someone else at the bar, could stop a minor hurdle becoming something bigger.

AA CEO Simon von Saldern says pubs are a great place for blokes to start talking.

“Pubs have been a place where men will congregate and often discuss many things other than the most important in their lives, being their health.

“Many men experience problems with their reproductive health, and these can be linked to more serious problems, like heart disease, diabetes, anxiety and depression … but they often ignore the symptoms.

“We’re hoping this campaign will raise awareness about the importance of talking to someone around you, and the huge benefit this can have on one’s health. We’ve developed a huge amount of free resources, which are available now to support the campaign, along with the information that can be found on our website.”

Operators can download information or order Men’s Health Week posters and brochures. (Orders need to be prior to 29 May to ensure delivery in time.)

“Pubs can get involved by either displaying the free campaign posters in their back office or in the venue, to remind staff and patrons that it is healthy to talk, and that Men’s Health Week is the time to speak up if you have concerns.”


*Andrology is the study of the functions and diseases specific to males, especially of the reproductive organs. Andrology Australia is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and administered by Monash University.