In Crime by Clyde Mooney

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Queensland Police have released further information and an image of a man, in the pursuit of the so-called “Jackpot Bandits” linked to the armed robbery of multiple late-night hotels.

Detectives from Operation Quebec Point report they have linked the bandits to at least eight armed hold-ups since November, mostly hotels, and a Riverhills service station on 12 January.

Typically two men, armed with firearms and a machete, burst into the pubs and demand money from staff, before escaping minutes later in a stolen car.

Man wanted for questioning by Queensland Police

Police have now released a composite CCTV video of some of the robberies (see below), and an image of a man they seek to question in relation to the crimes.

Operation lead investigator, Acting Inspector Scott Burgess, says the investigation is in full force, and believes the men have connection to a support network in Brisbane.

“There will absolutely be a number of other persons on the edges that would have knowledge of these offences.

“It’s clearly a concern to us, the use of firearms and weapons threatening members of the public. Our aim is to identify and apprehend the perpetrators of these cowardly acts as soon as possible.”


The police video comprises several parts. The first shows two men breaking into and robbing a service station, then what appears to be the same car but with a different licence plate filling up with fuel at a different service station, then CCTV of two of the robberies linked to the gang – including the previously reported video of one plucky patron clubbing one of the bandits with a bar stool.