In Crime by Clyde Mooney

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CCTV caught a patron fighting off a machete-wielding bandit in a Gold Coast pub with a stool and a pot plant.

Local Andrew Ormsby was enjoying an evening in the Mermaid Beach Tavern around 12:45am Friday when he heard a scream, and thought someone had won a major jackpot.

Approaching the gaming room bar, he saw a figure wearing a mask and hoodie waving around a machete. The female bar attendant was visibly petrified.

Instinctively, Ormsby grabbed the closest thing he could to protect himself and confront the armed man, which was a heavy bar stool.

The intruder made an approach, and he swung the stool, reportedly connecting with the head of the masked man, who fought back.

Forced to retreat by the brandished machete, the defiant patron grabbed a potted plant and hurled it at the man, as he hurriedly threatened the attendant to hand over cash.

Attempting to escape with around $1500, the pub hero gave chase with another stool, taking him down and getting in some punches just outside the entrance, before the robber reportedly threw back the bag and ran. He is still at large.

“Don’t come to my local and do that,” Ormsby told Nine News.

Police are reviewing “very clear footage of the incident” (below) and examining forensic evidence from the scene.

They are seeking a Caucasian man estimated at 45 – 50 years’ old, described as large build, shaven, large nose, with balding brown hair and an Australian accent.

“It’s not something we encourage but I think it was a spur of the moment and a reflex action for him and it was very courageous by him and I think he should be commended for his actions,” offered Detective Acting Senior Sergeant Dane Sheraton.

Neither the attendant nor patron were hurt in the altercation.