In Training by Clyde Mooney

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Deakin University has overseen an official trial of specialised training to reduce patron incidents at Sydney institution the Oxford Art Factory, with dramatic results.

Live music mecca the Oxford Art Factory (OAF) agreed to officially trial the Special Alcohol Service Hospitality (SASH) course, with progress and results monitored by professor Peter Miller and doctor Nic Droste of Melbourne’s Deakin University.

Through the six-month trial, the venue recorded a combined 44 per cent reduction in incidents for approaching intoxication, intoxication, aggression and violence, as compared to the same period in 2017.

This comprised a 43 per cent drop in patrons approaching intoxication, a 66 per cent drop in patrons reaching intoxication and complete absence of violent incidents, with none being recorded this year since SASH was implemented.

Importantly, the results were achieved with no significant change to revenue.

All OAF staff, including management, bar and security, underwent Three Cheers Training’s SASH program, with the venue officially implementing the methodology from 20 January.

Licensee Mark Gerber reports the outcome was great for the pub, encouraging Sydney operators to “share the positive results” to build a stronger industry.

“The statistics speak for themselves. The staff comment to me all the time that it’s working very well, that they are very glad to have it as part of OAF’s operating procedure.”


Read the full report HERE for further breakdown of the trial’s results, as well as interviews with OAF licensee Mark Gerber and bar manager Tim Keown.