In In My Opinion by Clyde Mooney

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Roaming writer, Bo Trokker


A bunch of us were partying at Home on the weekend, but the fun stopped early when another ambulance arrived. Worse still – we didn’t have time to get anywhere else ‘cause of the lockouts.

The music was fully sick and there was plenty of action, but someone called an ambulance just after midnight for four girls that looked like they’d gone at it a bit hard. They were all pretty hot, maybe someone slipped ‘em something.

But just over an hour later, two guys looked like they’d had the same drink and the medics were called again.

The police said none of them would say exactly what they’d had, or who they got it from.

They reckon they aren’t allowed to force people to give a blood test in these situations, even though they reckon all these kids had taken something, maybe some bad GHB.

Me and the boys don’t know what the fuss was about, GHB is a party drug like salt that makes you feel great and wanna root like a racehorse. I know guys sometimes slip some to a girl to get her in the mood.

Someone said it used to be used as an anaesthetic, but it never made me sleep.

Home is usually a sick place to party and even though it is on the list of venues the government says are “violent” we never see much.

I doubt the club will cop shit for the kids on GHB, the cops say it’s alcohol that’s the problem.



EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was intended purely as satire. PubTIC does not – nor will it ever – endorse the use of GHB, especially without consent.

Our intention was to deride the continued failing to address the issue of dangerous drugs in the hospitality sector, particularly in regards to their influence on violent and anti-social behaviour.