In Industry News by Clyde Mooney

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The VCGLR has just released a revised edition of its Design Guidelines, intended to help pub operators design and maintain safe and profitable venues.

The second edition of the Guidelines are not part of any formal process, but are the considered analysis of principles based on architectural and town planning expertise.

As such the best-practise techniques, tips and advice contained is fundamentally relevant to licensees across all States, although should be used in conjunction with all local requirements.

Intelligent design can have game-changing effects on the behaviour of both patrons and staff, both inside and outside the premises. While recognising the unique nature of each licensed venue, the Guidelines seek to encourage safe practises and minimise the opportunity for anti-social behaviour and negative impacts to amenity.

The regulator told PubTIC that ultimately the focus will help ensure venues are safe, welcoming and attractive places for all.

“The VCGLR wants to help licensees create safe venues and surrounds, which is good for patrons, business and the community,” replied a spokesperson.


The complete Design Guidelines document can be downloaded here.

It encompasses:

External Issues

  • Entries, exits and queuing
  • Footpaths, laneways, car parks and public space

Internal Issues

  • Patron activity area
  • Toilets
  • Outdoor drinking, dining and smoking areas
  • Common areas