Beyond the Black Stump Wattle Seed Ale_LR_featureThe Australian Beer Company is tapping consumer preferences for artisan products with cultural provenance, releasing its new and limited edition ‘Beyond the Black Stump’ range of craft beers.

Crafted to evoke drinkers’ imagination and celebrate Australian native ingredients, brewers were asked to design beers ‘beyond the black stump’ – representing the point beyond established civilisation.

The range will focus on a series of Australian cultural heroes and eccentric characters, and use natural ingredients to underpin the local authenticity.

“We found lots of stories around Australia and the Riverina that we wanted to link back into our beers,” explains Aus Beer Co’s head brewer, Andy Mitchell.

“We used local ingredients to emphasize just how uniquely Australian those tall tales are. A lot of Australians don’t know these stories.”

The seasonal range will feature an innovative 7-page fold-out label that tells the tale of the SKU’s inspiration, which the company reports was fittingly dreamed up “over a beer”.

The first release is Wattle Seed Ale – a traditional strong ale brewed with native black wattle seed, with sweet hazelnut notes and a hint of vanilla.

It tells the story of Valerio Ricetti – a teenage gold prospector that got into trouble at a South Australian hotel and with the law before becoming a hermit in the Adelaide hills and carving out a now historic “private utopia” in overhanging rocks.

The Beyond The Black Stump Wattle Seed Ale has an ABV of six per cent and IBU of 20. All beers in the series will be available in 500 mL bottles, with the fold-out label.

Wattle Seed Ale will launch in specialty craft venues nationwide from 27 June, distributed by Coca-Cola Amatil. For more information, visit Australian Beer Co.

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