In The Hub by Clyde Mooney

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Redcape’s family-centric Wattle Hotel has been buzzing with the news of an unclaimed million-dollar Keno win.

The Wattle, in Upper Coomera, just north of the Gold Coast, prides itself on being the “heart of Coomera” and offering “something for mum, the family and friends”.

On Saturday night someone bought a Keno ticket that landed a jackpot prize of $1,065,796 – but the ticket-holder did not come forward to collect.

When the lucky winner still hadn’t emerged on Monday, Keno publicised the unclaimed win, urging anyone that had been playing at the Hotel to check their tickets.

“The winner played 18 $1 games,” said Keno spokesman David Dicker in a statement. “If this sounds like your ticket, you could be our mystery millionaire, so please check your ticket online or at any venue with Keno.”

There was concern that the winner may have been someone passing through the region, who may not hear of the unclaimed prize.

But the news prompted one regular to the Hotel to check her ticket, which sported her usual numbers representing dates and ages of her family.

Returning to her local, the card reportedly froze the machine, and an elated staff member informed her “yes, it’s the ticket!”.

The 37-year-old aged-care worker and her 39-year-old concreter husband are regulars at the Wattle, and had left after dinner to go home and watch the NRL.

Redcape’s venue manager of the Hotel, Paul Berglund, told PubTIC the unclaimed ticket was a hot topic of conversation in recent days, and they are trilled the win went to a local family.

“This is a really exciting win for the pub,” exclaimed Berglund. “I haven’t seen a win of this size before; it is a life-changing amount and we are thrilled it has gone to a Wattle Hotel local.”

The unnamed couple suggest they will be buying their own home now, and likely taking a big holiday to Europe.