Eyeing its increasingly complex future, the Colosimo family’s Momento Hospitality has announced the appointment of David Clifton as its new chief executive officer, effective from 3 June.

Momento has expanded to become a leading force in Australian hospitality, and it continues to grow in both complexity and reach. The Group will soon welcome the addition of its “next significant venue” in the Oran Park Hotel, due to open its doors in coming months.

The Colosimo family believe their team deserve career path opportunities “that continue to be compelling and fulfilling” and see the hospitality landscape as changing.

In considering the needs of the Group, including its organisational structure, Clifton has been appointed and Marcello Colosimo will move into the role of Executive Chair.

The outgoing and incoming CEOs will work side by side through 2024, before Clifton takes the reins when they both feel the handover is complete. John Vamos has also been appointed to the Momento board as Independent Chair, and will be working with the CEOs on behalf of shareholders.

David Clifton

Clifton joins Momento bringing a strong track record, having held various executive positions with Merivale from 2008-2020, most recently as group general manager, followed by three years at Redcape as chief experience officer.

As he takes on the commitment to heading up an organisation driven by values, boasting a mission to “bring people together to create great memories”, Clifton says “l am excited”.

“I look forward to building on the incredible work the team have already done focusing on its people, our customers, and the communities in which it operates.”  

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