The carnage has begun for owners of greyhounds in the wake of the shocking Four Corners expose last month that rocked the industry and brought outcries from the public.

The story, broadcast nationally, showed disturbing pixelated footage of pigs, rabbits and possums being used in live baiting training, including by recognised industry figures.

Government in Queensland and Victoria announced broad investigations into the immoral and illegal practise. Racing Queensland soon issued seven ‘show cause’ Notices, and last week five trainers were banned for life.

Tony McCabe, James Harding and Queensland Greyhound Hall of Famer Reg Kay, failed to respond to the Notices, while Tom Noble and Debra Arnold’s defence was insufficient to avoid judgement. All were banned from owning, training or preparing a registered racing animal or attending Brisbane greyhound racecourses.

The fate of the remaining two trainers, Greg Stella and Michael Chapman, is yet to be determined by Racing Queensland. But chairman Kevin Dixon has made clear the Association has “no place” for such irreputable behaviour.

“As a board we determined the actions of these individuals proved they should not be considered fit and proper persons to continue to be involved in the greyhound industry.

“The conduct we saw from these people in the evidence provided to us is not only against the rules of greyhound racing, it is deplorable by its very nature.

“There is no place for anyone who engages in this type of conduct in the industry.”

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