world_bar-15_cropped_LRKings Cross stalwart World Bar is on the front foot in the fight against public perception, sustaining a continued focus on charity and community through ongoing events.

Refusing to sink into obscurity amid the loss of trade cause by crippling restrictions imposed on Sydney’s foremost entertainment precinct, the Bayswater Rd venue is positioning itself as a champion of issues such as STI awareness, homelessness and animal rights.

The operators have removed all poker machines bar one – an antique one-armed bandit – which has been converted into a permanent collection box for Wayside Chapel, with every dollar donated matched by the Bar. And the recently implemented bACON for ACON charity party is set to become a regular feature at its Friday night party MUM.

world_bar-22_LRA representative of the Bar said there are a number of initiatives in place including a commitment to at least 50 per cent Green energy, tree planting and charity sponsorships.

“The World Bar is committed to being a positive influence in the Kings Cross community.

“Due to this we have removed all of our poker machines and support a heap of different charities and organisations, such as Gorman House, and Heaps Decent.”

In January World Bar held its inaugural jungle-themed Prowl party that saw proceeds go to help Taronga Zoo. The hotel is also an advocates of the Sydney Rides Business Challenge, will participate again this year in the City 2 Surf, and is currently planning a block party with Youth Off The Streets.

World Bar is also offering its upstairs Tearoom entertainment space – complete with equipment, lighting and stage – free of charge to young creatives looking for rehearsal space, giving acting groups, directors and musicians an opportunity to practise in realistic conditions.


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