James Squire’s The Swindler has just stolen Gold over the weekend, at the World Beer Cup, in Philadelphia.

Competing against 6,596 beers by 1,907 breweries, hailing from 55 countries around the globe, The Swindler took the gong for English-style Summer Ale.

The Swindler became part of the James Squire regular line-up with its draught release last October. Proving very popular, it was launched in packaged format in February of this year.

Chuck Hahn – the legendary creator of the James Squire brand, and brew-master to Malt Shovel Brewery – was on hand in the USA State of Pennsylvania to accept the award.

“This is a huge accomplishment for everyone involved with James Squire,” said Hahn.

“A lot of hard work and effort has gone into making this terrific beer from brewers where The Swindler was created in the wonderful Malt Shovel Brewery in Camperdown, NSW and the West End Brewery in Thebarton, S.A. where James Squire The Swindler Summer Ale is currently brewed.”

The World Beer Cup is one of the largest and considered one of the most prestigious beer competitions anywhere, and often called the ‘Olympics of Beer’.

This year there were a number of other entries from Australia, which Hahn says is a “great reflection of the standard and quality” of Australian beer and brewing, and its international recognition.

Chuck Hahn & former Malt Shovel head brewer, Tony Jones
Chuck Hahn & former Malt Shovel head brewer, Tony Jones

The 2016 Gold is the second time James Squire has been honoured at the World Beer Cup, having also taken one in 2008 for its Four Wives pilsner.

Hahn suggests The Swindler is particularly well suited to Down Under, and a good example of a style befitting the evolving market.

“I have always described the beers in this category as having the richness of an ale, but with the refreshing characteristics of a lager,” he says.

“The overall impression is refreshing and thirst quenching. Consequently, it fits in well with our hot Australian climate.”

True to its brand back-story, James Squire beers are all based on an element of the likeable rascal that was the man.

Upon earning his freedom in 1796, Squire was one of many convicts awarded 30 acres of prime NSW land by the Crown.

Seizing opportunity, Squire convinced many of the less pioneering recipients to part with their grant for pennies, accumulating 970 acres, where he subsequently grew his hops and his fortune – and eventually inspiring The Swindler.

Chuck Hahn & Charlie Papanzian at World Beer Cup 2016
Chuck Hahn & Charlie Papanzian at World Beer Cup 2016
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